Dakar, Senegal (MAT)- MATAM LOCAL ACTORS PROMOTING FOOD SECURITY AND NUTRITION. The General Delegation to Social Protection and National Solidarity (DGPSN) organized a decentralized workshop in Matam for local actors in social protection, agriculture, health and social services. 

Organized on Tuesday in conjunction with the United Nations Organization for Agriculture and Food (FAO), the workshop aimed to build the capacity of local actors on issues related to social protection and food security, nutrition as well as agriculture.

On this occasion, the Director of Strategies and Planning at the DGPSN, Ousmane Basse emphasized the need to “create a synergy in collaboration and good coordination of these three themes”.

According to him, “the countries that have come to fight poverty have not only used the instruments of social protection which are certainly necessary but are not enough”.

“We have seen countries such as Ghana, South Africa integrate these different themes, they have implemented social protection policies that are combined with policies of agriculture, food security to reduce poverty,” indicated Mr. Bass.

Senegal according to him “was inspired by these experiences and set up a project at the level of the DGPSN in collaboration with the FAO which financed the project”.

During this workshop, three panels were organized, the first was on the theme “What synergies are possible for a coherence of interventions in Matam”. The second themes  “Agriculture, Food Security, Social Protection” and “What Challenges and Role for the Single National Registry in Coordination”.

“This is an important workshop that came in a timely fashion, we saw a mobilization of all the deconcentrated technical services, local authorities and administrative authorities.The reflection was fruitful, there were many recommendations, suggestions for improvement starting with the coordination frameworks “, welcomed Ousmane Basse.

Source: APS

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