Guinea, Conakry (MAT) – TRUCK FILLED WITH CHILDREN ARRESTED. All in all, 72 children (talibé ) between five and ten years old, as well as 35 women and 22 men on a truck bound for the Mamou administrative region, were intercepted on the morning of Friday 26 January 2018 by the Regional Gendarmerie of Labé.

The news has just been sent to the press and a thorough investigation is underway to clearly determine where they come from and where they are going.

This boarding at the start of camp Elhadj Oumar Tall Labé has alerted all local authorities in charge of the advancement of women and children of Labe.

Interpelled, Colonel Seny Silver Camara the commander of the gendarmerie of Middle Guinea could not be clearer. “I did not stop any children (talibé). It is the fate of 72 children from 5 to 10 years it what interested me , the commander responds.

In the latest news, the truck and its passengers were still in the hands of the Regional Gendarmerie of Labe where an investigation was underway to shed light on this case.

We remembered that in 2016, about twenty miners were intercepted in their way to Senegal in Mali Yembering before being sent back to Labé.

Source: Guineenews


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