Senegal, Dakar (MAT) – SENEGALESE UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE. The Integrated Information Management System for Universal Health Coverage (SIGI CMU) initiated by the Universal Health Coverage Agency (CMU) will enable the development of the CMU’s Strategic Development Plan in “optimal performance conditions” said Thursday, the coordinator of the IT services unit, Mouhamed Mahi Sy.

“This system is a real decision-making tool that will allow a biometric identification module and data warehouse, to be targeting tool for all beneficiaries of the policy in the short term to have free of charge and, in the long run, to make the single point of supply-side health insurance operational “, explained Sy.

He was speaking at a workshop to share the issues and orientations of the CMU with journalists from the Dakar region, who came to imbibe the priorities of the Strategic Plan for the Development of the CMU and the implementation of the SIGI CMU.

“The SIGI CMU will also be a source of innovative financing, because its deployment in all the points of services will allow the CAEP to have a generating device of income making it possible to contribute to the financing of the CMU”, indicated M Sy.

According to him, “crowdfunding can be achieved through the Electronic Money Processing Center (MTC), an internet and mobile platform allowing a group of contributors to choose to directly finance, with traceability, projects under the CMU program” .

“The SIGI CMU is a mobile application that allows personalized management of the health insured’s file by providing personalized information on its coverage and geo location of service points and health insurance structures and a means of payment “he added.

The deployment of the SIGI CMU, currently being tested in the region of Kaolack (center), will be modular over time to allow a good change management and ownership by all Senegalese.

Source: APS

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