Senegal, Dakar, (MAT) -BOFFA DEADLY ATTACK: ADDITIONAL ARRESTS OCCURED.  Several people suspected of involvement in the Boffa-Bayotte killings on January 6 in the Ziguinchor area (south of Senegal) were placed under a warrant of detention by the prosecutor at the Tribunal on Tuesday in Ziguinchor (south), learned from judicial source.

These newly arrested people – “between six to eight” individuals, according to one source – are being prosecuted, for “assault and battery resulting in death”.

In addition to this, four other charges are pending against them as well as on 16 other persons already placed on filing orders on Friday, namely “criminal conspiracy, assassination, participation in an insurrectional movement and possession of weapons at the same time without authorization “.

The last suspects in question, whose identity was not specified by the investigators, were heard Tuesday afternoon by the prosecutor at the County Court of Ziguinchor, before being transferred to the House arrest and correction (MAC) of Ziguinchor.

In total, between 22 and 24 people have been placed under a warrant and transferred to Ziguinchor’s MAC since the start of an investigation into the killing of Boffa, which killed at least 14 people in a classified forest in the Ziguinchor department. .

A pool of lawyers was committed by the State to defend the persons placed under arrest warrant

Source: APS

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