Bamako, Mali (MAT)- KILLING OF A DOZEN OF MALIAN SOLDIERS. Following the killing of a dozen Malian soldiers in the circle of Abeibara Parliamentary Group ADP MALIBA / SADI made a statement in which they require the opening of an investigation.

“It is with consternation that the Parliamentary Group ADP-Maliba / Sadi learned from concordant sources a smear allegedly perpetrated by the Barkhane force on Malian soldiers during the night of 23 to 24 October 2017,” he declared.

This blunder that occurred during a raid called “Operation Saber” launched by the Barkhane force against a terrorist training camp in the circle of Abeibara, would have caused the death of more than a dozen Malian soldiers who would be detained as hostages in this camp.

After having taken note of the statement of the Government of Mali on this raid to which the defense and security forces of Mali were not associated, the Parliamentary Group ADP-Maliba / Sadi strongly condemned this unilateral action of the Barkhane force. .

He calls on the Barkhane force to remain a supporting force for Mali’s national army in the fight against terrorism and cross-border crime.

In addition, the parliamentary group demands from the government of the Republic of Mali, the opening of an investigation so that the sanctions are taken against the authors of this slaughter.


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