Dakar, Senegal (MAT) -GLOBAL ENTERPRENEURSHIP WEEK IN SENEGAL. The Agency for the Development and Supervision of SMEs (ADEPME) will provide financial assistance of 1, 2 billion FCFA to 150 winners of the first National Competition on Business Plans, funded by the World Bank.

The delivery of this aid is planned on the sidelines of the “Senegalese SME Forum” which will be organized next Monday and Tuesday at the King Fahd Palace Hotel. The ceremony will be chaired by the head of state, Macky Sall.

“The competition, titled Business Academy, Bokk nà (I am part of it)! Has reached 86,000 entrepreneurs. 3001 project ideas were received of which 815 innovative ideas were selected to participate in the training sessions for the elaboration of business plans ”.

The “Senegalese SME Forum” is described as a “public / private dialogue framework”. It ” responds to the strong expectation of the Government to adopt the law of SME development ”.

This should facilitate “in particular the access of SMEs / SMIs to public procurement and the management of informal SMEs on the one hand and, on the other hand, [allow] to open wide-ranging consultations with the private sector, academia and industry, local authorities, in order to intensify the consensual implementation of a SME / SMI promotion policy ”.

Source: APS

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