FRANCE HAS DONE EVERYTHING TO BLOCK GUINEA, said Alpha Condé. Amman, the capital of Jordan, President Alpha Conde has met businessmen to sell the Guinea destination. The Guinean leader has highlighted the strengths of his country to attract investors, while recalling the conditions under which Guinea has acceded to independence.

For Alpha Condé, Guinea is a paradox, indicating that among “all the former French colonies, Guinea had the best future. Guinea was said to be a geological scandal.

“We have more than half of the world’s reserves of bauxite, iron, that can be mined for more than 100 years, gold, diamonds, etc.

It is then the water tower of West Africa. All rivers, including Senegal, Niger, Gambia, take their sources in Guinea, “he says.

In addition, he says, “we have tremendous potential to build hydraulic dams. We can have up to 6000 megawatts ”. According to him, after the Second World War, France had decided to make Guinea the focal point of its agricultural and industrial development.

Alpha Conde recalled that the conditions in which “we took independence created a conflictual situation with France”. In 1958, he informs, ” General de Gaulle had given African countries the choice, in a referendum, to be independent or members of the French community ”.

The President of the Republic, ” only Guinea voted for its independence. The general De Gaulle thought that this is a bad example and that Guinea should be punished so that other African countries do not follow this example. ”

That is why, he says to anyone who wants to hear it, “France has done everything to block Guinea. Fortunately for us, China and the Soviet Union came in cooperation with Guinea. This allowed our country not to sink.

Source: Visionguinée

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