Dakar, 11 Apr(MAT) CINEMA AND AUDIOVISIEL PROFESSIONAL CARDS ISSUED. The National Commission for the professional of cinema and audiovisual of Senegal issued 92 cards for players of cinematography, for its first session, after 149 requests of this sesame, announced its Coordinator, Alpha Sadou Gano APS.

“In total, 149 files were received by the commission. There are 59 files concerning the realization, 21 for the production and management, 14 for professionals each, 10 for those of sound, so many files for installation, 4 for machinery, 7 for distribution and exploitation, both for the design and multimedia, and 17 files for other trades of the cinema”, said Mr. Gano.
According to him, the issues presented by the applicants of the business cards of the cinema and the audiovisual has been the object of “painstaking work”, who helped to “reject certain applications, of which the applicants have included in their Filmography of things” not making not part.
“false resume have been detected. “We are vigilant,” said Alpha Sadou Gano, recalling that the commission is made up of cinema and audiovisual professionals.
For the professional map of cinema, the applicant must be of Senegalese nationality, have academic and professional training, prove ‘the relevance of its graduates’ and have been selected for participation in festivals, recalled Mr. Gano.
According to him, 48 cases were shifted for failure to comply with these criteria by a decree of 2004 that organizes access to business cards of cinema and audiovisual.
In the cinema, 22 trade body have been identified, says M. Gano.
The Minister of Culture and Communication, Mbagnick Ndiaye, released Tuesday, posthumously, maps to professionals of now deceased film, including Ousmane Sembène, Paulin Soumano Vieyra, Djibril Diop Mambety, Cheikh Tidiane Diop, Khady Sylla, Samba Sarr and Thierno Faty Sow.
A card is awarded symbolically to the Dean of Senegalese filmmakers, Ben Diogaye Bèye.
“It’s a tribute we pay to them, to greet the combat they have led for only such a structure (the National Commission for the issue of the professional card of cinema and audiovisual, Editor’s note) is established, explained the Director of cinematography, Hugues Diaz.
Cheikh Ngaido Ba directors, Ben Diogoye Bèye, Coumba Sarr, Nicolas Sawalo Cissé, and Chief Machinist Arona Camara, have received their card in the hands of the Minister of Culture and Communication.
They welcomed the work of the commission, assuming that this structure will help to better organize the film and audiovisual sector.
“I‘m very pleased with the accession of professionals of the cinema and audiovisual, all ages and all combined experiences, to the Committee responsible for this professional card, which has been a craze since its establishment”, Mbagnick Ndiaye welcomed.
A demonstration of the security of the card was made by agents of GS1 Senegal, the company responsible for making it with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
“The data is secure on the basis of GS1 Senegal servers. They are standard internationally. And most importantly, beyond security, is the traceability of the cards,”said Amadou Sow, a representative of GS1 Senegal.
“It is possible, thanks to our mobile applications to verify the authenticity of the card. All data stored in information systems are guaranteed by a set of safety procedures,”says Amadou Sow.
Mbagnick Ndiaye said be comforted by the determination of cultural actors to help realize projects of his Ministry.
Source: APS

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  • Alpha Sadou GANO

    Thanks to all the members of the National Commission for the professional of cinema and audiovisual of Senegal. Thia initiative is a good one and must be realized in many african countries. We have to organized our sector. Thanks to modern african times. When will we have Modern African Times TV (MATV)? Will be so nice.Great.

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